I would like to buy this motherbord: ASRock G4 MH/USB3 (second hand) because it's Micro ATX, LGA775 socket and it supports DDR3..
The seller told me he hasn't got the disc with drivers anymore.

I have an intel Q9550 cpu
ASUS geforce GTX 650 gpu
and 8GB (2*4) of Geil DDR3 1333mhz RAM

I thought this would be plug and play, but the seller of the motherbord now told me that the RAM memory won't be compatible?
So I checked this and the CPU is on the list of compatible cpu's, but the RAM isn't...

Can anyone assure me that this will/won't be a problem?
And that the combination of motherbord, cpu, gpu, ram... will/won't work?

Thank you!