This is very strange, and I am stumped trying to figure it out... I just rebuilt my media center PC with a new mobo, CPU, etc. It's running Win 7 Pro/64. The motherboard is an ASRock Z77 Extreme 4. I'm going out of the S/PDIF digital audio output to my Pioneer VSX-1123k receiver. I'm also going out from the HDMI output to the same receiver. So theoretically, I have two audio sources coming into the receiver from the HTPC.

I've got everything setup and working, except windows audio. Media Center starts up and there's no startup sound. No sound effects at all coming through. But when I watch TV or recorded shows I hear everything just fine. I've gone into every sound configuration screen I could find and everything is turned all the way up and enabled. There are no "undetected" devices in device manager. When I setup audio in WMC the test works and hits all 5.1 speakers. When I do a test from the RealTek audio panel screen, nothing. I tried unplugging the toslink cable, and I can still get audio through the HDMI for TV shows, but nothing else. BTW, I wouldnt care so much about sound effects, etc. except that I also get no audio in MediaBrowser, Netflix, or anything else that relies on Windows audio...

Any ideas? Thanks SO MUCH for your help!!