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Thread: ASRock H61M-HVS - BIOS - ASRock logo hang

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    Default ASRock H61M-HVS - BIOS - ASRock logo hang

    I went through the process of getting help with this over at the OCW forums, but in the end my issue was never resolved. This was my original request for help over there:


    I'm experiencing an issue where, after so many reboots, my system will hang on the ASRock logo in the BIOS. This doesn't happen on every boot; rather, after a seemingly random number of reboots, it occurs. I've had it happen after 50 successful (normal) reboots, and again after 2000 successful ones. Any effort to bypass the screen by entering the BIOS or boot menus doesn't work. Trying Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart the system doesn't work. I have to manually reboot the system, at which point it will boot normally.


    ASRock H61M-HVS, Intel B3 Chipset
    UEFI Version H61M-HVS P2.50
    Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.4GHz
    16GB DDR3 Ram
    Win8 x64
    Gigabyte Windforce GTX 660 Ti GPU
    Allied AL-D500EXP Max 500W PSU

    The details are shown here:

    ASRock H61M-HVS - BIOS - ASRock logo hang - OCWorkbench Lifestyle and Tech Forums

    Note that the troubleshooting we performed was in the realm of configuring the BIOS memory settings. I would tweak my voltages and rerun my reboot sequence. Towards the end, the contributors to the forum noted that my memory settings looked fine. However, I still ran into the hang issue after so many reboots. Sometimes it's 100, sometimes it's 1000.

    I'm not sure if the problem could be video card related, but any push in the right direction would be appreciated.
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