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Thread: FM2A75M-DGS, Dual VGA Output : D-Sub, DVI-D

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    Default FM2A75M-DGS, Dual VGA Output : D-Sub, DVI-D

    Hi, does the FM2A75M-DGS support analog (VGA) output through the DVI-D connector as implied by the specification list "Dual VGA Output : D-Sub, DVI-D" or is it digital only? AFAIK DVI-D is digital only, but there are DVI-D to VGA passive adapters on sale (then the motherboard would have to be able to internally address the digital pins as analog...) is there such a thing or ASrock's product description is misleading?

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    Default Re: FM2A75M-DGS, Dual VGA Output : D-Sub, DVI-D

    According to the picture of the rear panel I/O at the Asrock Website, the two outputs on the motherboard are D-SUB (standard VGA) and DVI-D (digital output only).

    A passive "DVI-D to VGA" will probably not work if the picture is accurate. There are certainly cheap adapters that advertise as "DVI-D to VGA", but when you read the fine text of the sales description, you will find that they are actually "DVI-I to VGA" adapters.

    In this case, you would need to get an active DVI-D connector, one that converts the signal from digital to analogue. These are available, but are considerably more expensive.

    I wouldn't say that the description is misleading though. To get from DVI-I to VGA, you need an adapter (passive will work). To get from DVI-D to VGA, you still need an adapter, just an active one.

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    Default Re: FM2A75M-DGS, Dual VGA Output : D-Sub, DVI-D

    Physically it looks exactly like a DVI-D (no 4 pin around left horizontal pin tab). If it's just a normal DVI-D output (digital only) the description is inaccurate at best, of course with the proper active converter you can output to every format in existence. If that's the case they should call it dual monitor output not dual VGA.
    Guess I'll throw in an old gfx card to get real dual VGA, instead of trying out a potentially dud dvi-d to vga passive adapter. You can get a new entry level gfx board for the price of an active DVI-D to VGA converter, although a DVI-D to HDMI adapter + HDMI to VGA converter is cheaper.

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