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Thread: X79 Extreme 3. Boots but has no power on USB headers and GPU not out putting >.<

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    Default X79 Extreme 3. Boots but has no power on USB headers and GPU not out putting >.<

    Hi Guys,

    So last night fell asleep watching a movie on my PC to awake to finding it not out putting no power on the USB so no mouse or key board and no output on my graphics card. But it still boots.

    I've progressively stripped it back to only having my mouse, keyboard, cpu and mobo in play but I'm still not seeing any power go through to my inputs.

    The mobo is an Asrock x79 Extreme 3 and the processor is a 3930k.

    Has anyone got any ideas on what I can do to get it outputting again?

    I've also reset my c-mos each time I've taken a part out of play.

    Unfortunately I don't have a spare PSU, Mobo or GPU laying around to swap in and out to test..... So best i was able to do was a strip back which provided no results.

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    Default Re: X79 Extreme 3. Boots but has no power on USB headers and GPU not out putting >.<

    Before deciding the board is bad, checking that the PSU is not bad should be your priority.

    OTOH, the USB 3.0 ports are provided by a different chip than the USB 2.0 ports, so the USB 3.0 ports may be working. Did you try them?

    One thing to do is clear the BIOS/CMOS, which should bring up a screen that forces you into the BIOS when you start the PC. Some boards have timers that bring you into the BIOS in this situation. If your current keyboard doesn't work, do you have another simpler one to try? Even better an old PS2 connection keyboard would allow you get into the BIOS, if the USB interface is just dead. BTW, if the USB 2.0 interface is dead, that is provided by the X79 chipset, which cannot be replaced, so the board would need to be replaced/RMA.

    If you can get into the BIOS, check the PSU voltages in the HW Monitor screen. If you can get into Windows and somehow start Device Manager, you can check the USB devices and see what if any error codes are shown.

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