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Thread: Unexpected power on

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    Exclamation Unexpected power on

    Hello there.

    I'm troubleshooting a Windows 8.1 HTPC (ASrock Vision 3D 252B) that sometimes starts up on his own.

    Unexpected power on seem to be periodical, but checking scheduler, registry and BIOS, there's no scheduled power on.

    It's connected to a SmartTV via HDMI, but unexpected power on happen also when SmartTV is off, so I think this is not a cause.

    This computer is often powered on via WoL but, if there's no stange packets coming, i think this is not a cause, too.

    I've just been disabling RTC Wake Up in BIOS, I have no idea what this feature is.

    How can I better troubleshoot this problem?

    Thanks and best regards.

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    Default Re: Unexpected power on

    Items to look at in the BIOS would be "Restore on AC/Power Loss"(dodgy power) and any of the wake/Power on features in the BIOSs ACPI Configuration screen.

    Another troubleshooting suggestion might be to leave unplugged first one then the other either networking or HDMI unplugged and notice if it starts.

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    Default Re: Unexpected power on

    Since you checked the Windows scheduled tasks, the following is probably not the issue, but does that PC have the ASR "Dehumidifier" option, and is it enabled? That will turn the PC on periodically to evaporate moisture in a high humidity environment.

    RTC Wake Up is Real Time Clock wake up, which uses the system's RTC to wake the PC at a certain time, normally from a scheduled tasks entry.

    I see you're using Windows 8.1, and that PC does not have ASRock support for that OS, mainly due to its use of Lucid Virtu, and possibly other reasons. Lucid Virtu does not provide Windows 8 support, or is no longer cheap or free for manufactures to provide. Have you tried using it?

    Providing drivers for Windows 8 is not always a simple task, and if you are using the Windows automatic driver installation option, who knows what you have that might cause that issue.

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