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Thread: z87e-itx make msata ssd boot drive

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    Default z87e-itx make msata ssd boot drive

    Hello, I just completed building a system with asrock z87e-itx motherboard. I have installed a ssd onto its msata connection. I have installed windows 7 x64 on it. It boots into it fine as long as I have another mechanical drive (seagate barracuda) also attached to the motherboard. but when I detach the mechanical drive, it doesn't recognize the msata as boot drive. In my bios i've set it up so that msata drive is 1st in the boot order. How can I make msata ssd my boot drive without needing another drive attached at the same time. thank you for any advice.

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    Default Re: z87e-itx make msata ssd boot drive

    Quote Originally Posted by george7523 View Post
    In my bios i've set it up so that msata drive is 1st in the boot order.
    Can I take it that that statement means in the "Hard Drive BBS Priority" sub-menu and also at/as the "Boot Options #1" ?
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    Default Re: z87e-itx make msata ssd boot drive

    Did you install Windows with both the SSD and HDD in the PC and powered up?

    If so, you are a victim of Window's wonderful habit of putting the MBR (Master Boot Record) on a different drive than the target OS drive. Why it does this, who knows, probably a way of making people not touch their PCs, or some security nonsense. This happens all the time with new Windows installs.

    Since the MBR is not on the actual OS drive, when you remove the drive that has the MBR on it, no boot, plain and simple.

    To fix this, ONLY have the OS drive connected to power in the PC. Then get your Windows installation media (disk, USB drive) and boot up to the installation media. Once that is running, select Repair (NOT install OS) and follow the prompts from there. The repair will put a MBR on the SSD, and you're fixed.

    Let us know how it goes.

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