Ok, so I bought a 780 SC and now my computer won't post. The motherboard is giving me an error code b2. Looking around the web there seems to be an issue with these cards and older motherboard that needs a bios to fix the issue, but I've tried every bios version (including betas) on the Asrock site and none of them are newer than the release date of the card. For reference this computer was running two FTW 670's just a couple of months ago with no issue and the 8800GT I've been using in the interim works just fine as well. Am I basically screwed with this motherboard/video card combination or is there a workaround to fix this issue? Or maybe a custom updated bios that isn't on the website?

FYI I know it's not a dead video card because this is the second 780 I've tried in this system with the same result.