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Thread: Intel AMT Manageability Engine supported?

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    Default Intel AMT Manageability Engine supported?

    I'm unable to locate settings to configure Intel AMT options from the BIOS. Can you please tell me if this is supported?

    MB: ASRock Z87 Extreme6 (BIOS P.2.30)
    CPU: Intel i5-4570 3.2GHz CPU
    OS: VMWare ESXi 5.5

    The i5-4570 is Intel vPro capable, and BIOS update 2.20 (12/04/2013) has been installed, which appears to include an update for Intel AMT ME.

    I'm using this platform for a VMWare ESXi lab, and trying to get remote KVM (VNC) working.

    Some example of what I'm after.
    How to set up Intel AMT features - Radmin Support Center
    Using Intel AMT’s VNC server « Michael Kuron's Blog


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    Default Re: Intel AMT Manageability Engine supported?

    I don't believe the Z series supports AMT or vPro.

    The business oriented Q series does.

    Ah, found it:
    ARK | Compare Intel® Products

    PM Bill using THIS link and inquire. Bill's the ASRock Server Tech here, so if you get a short and simple answer concerning a desktop board don't be surprised.
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    Default Re: Intel AMT Manageability Engine supported?

    I use the same board as you do, but have a 'K' processor, and the software I used to check AMT support said not supported, but that may be due to my CPU.

    Do you use the monitoring program HWiNFO64? If not, download it from here: HWiNFO, HWiNFO32/64 - Download

    You can download the .zip file and just run the program without installing it. The main information display has a tree hierarchy layout of the PC, expand the Mother Board entry, and then the SMBIOS DMI entry. The last two entries in the list are the ones to check, Intel vPro and Intel ME. This is the Intel ME info display:

    Intel AMT Manageability Engine supported?-amt-capability-jpg

    You can see that Manageability (AMT) is not supported with my hardware. You should also check the Intel vPro entry, for me it shows "BIOS ME Support" is not supported. I've never seen anything in the BIOS related to AMT, in any version.

    I assume you have the Intel IME software installed? The Update Intel ME statement in the 2.20 BIOS description is most likely an update to the Intel ME firmware that is part of the BIOS file. But if support is disabled, what can you do? A board like this that is targeted at PC enthusiasts that OC and are gamers really is not the type to include AMT support.

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    Thumbs up Re: Intel AMT Manageability Engine supported?

    Thanks guys... also found a similar query and it looks like I'll need to swap out for the Q87M for vPro support.

    I don't use HWiNFO64, but I'll definitely check it out, looks handy.

    Thanks ya'll for the input!

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