Hey everybody,

I wanted to build myself a NAS with a hardware raid. I got the AsRock FM2A88X-ITX+ motherboard with 3 x 2TB HDDS and a 30GB SSD for the OS.
I've never set up a hardware RAID before (only software) and was told that it was as easy as setting up a RAID in a pre-boot GUI and then formatting the volume that my OS would see to my hearts content.

I tried using the Legacy RAID option GUI however it was complaining about my volume being over 2TB big so I went for the GPT method. using rcadm I created a RAID that is visible in the Array List. However I do have a few questions/ issues.

First up, in the Array List it's "TASK_STATE" is set as "NOT_ACTIVE" and it won't let me assign a name because apparently the Create command is still running. Am I missing something here? Is creating the raid via "rcadm -C -r5 -d 0 1 2" not enough? Because I couldn't guess towards what should be done afterwards from my manuals (that are all pretty bad TBH).

And the second issue I've been having is that the array isn't visible in my OS(es). Ubuntu will just see three separate HDDs with weird partitioning on them...and when I switched to Windows it won't even see the disks at all under the "Manage" thing.

Then I tried getting the RAIDXpert2 to work. It installed with the Windows 7 chipset drivers however when trying to login the "Submit" button is greyed out.

I hope my confusion (and frustration) is shining through the post. I also hope that there is SOMEBODY here that has the same chipset/board as me and wanted to do roughly the same thing and has some advice for me. Because this is driving me crazy. I didn't buy a 90 motherboard to then install ZFS on it. I could have done that with a LOT cheaper. And this is just frustrating. The documentation seems to be thrown together in a few hours and is just all over the place.

Anyways...hope you guys can help me. Cheers.