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Thread: Ability to skip waiting for hard drives to spin up

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    Default Re: Ability to skip waiting for hard drives to spin up

    Quote Originally Posted by punkid View Post
    Just tried that, didnt help.
    With all the improvements in UEFI over BIOS you'd think there would be an option to skip it :p
    How can a PC skip establishing the connection between HDDs and the SATA interface? As you saw in the last BIOS time differences, it takes ~10 seconds for the HDDs to start up to the point that they can then begin making the connection to the SATA interface, which is done during POST.

    If that was skipped, and the OS was on a SSD, none of the HDDs would be seen in Windows, they would not exist since they never established a connection to the board.

    Several years ago, it was common to have a BIOS option that let you set the amount of time POST waited for older, slower HDDs to wake up so they could then connect to the storage interface. My X58 board let you set the wait time to as much as 30 seconds to allow for slow to start up HDDs.

    The problem is not the UEFI, it is the mix of new tech (SSD) with older tech (HDD).

    POST time has been reduced over the years, for example on a cold start, all the RAM would be tested during POST. That took about a minute when a PC had only one GB of RAM or less, but imagine how long it takes with eight GB or more of RAM. That test is no longer done.

    You want a fast starting PC? Fine, take out the HDDs. Technical realities exist whether we like them or not.

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    Default Re: Ability to skip waiting for hard drives to spin up

    Yes i understand and ive made my peace with it.

    But eventually i believe there will be some way around this. Maybe the OS could start loading from the SSD while the HDDs are getting ready...The OS would still be able to recognize them, since SATA is hot-plug capable...

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