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Thread: Asrock H81M-ITX Unstable

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    Default Asrock H81M-ITX Unstable

    Overall Issue – board not stable with 2 sticks of memory.

    Motherboard – Asrock H81M-ITX
    CPU – Intel i5-4440 3.1, LGA1150
    Memory – G-Skill 8GB – DDR3 F3-1600C9D-8GA0 (4GBX2) XMP Profile settings
    Seagate 1TB
    Using on-board Video

    Fully installed Windows 7 64bit Pro
    Installed drivers, programs, and finally windows updates
    Randomly rebooted after OS loaded, then again...etc

    My troubleshooting steps so far.
    Swapped HD reinstalled Windows – same result
    Swapped Power Supply – same result
    Memtest86 – 4 Hours stable 4 Passes
    Pulled Mem stick 2 – stable no crashes
    Pulled Mem stick 1 – stable no crashes
    Swapped Mem sticks – random reboots
    So it’s stable with 1 mem stick. Is this board just not compatible with 2 sicks of this RAM?

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    Default Re: Asrock H81M-ITX Unstable

    Strange, your specific model (8GAO) is not list in the memory support list, but other G.SKILL AO models are listed, so they should be similar in the type of chips they use, etc. The 8GB G.SKILL AO DIMMs at 1600 are in the list, so yours should be fine.

    You can try:

    Checking the memory settings and voltage with the XMP profile enabled (as you do now) to see if they are really correct.

    Setting the memory timings manually for 1600, 9 9 9 2T, 1.5V, with all other settings on Auto. You could increase the memory voltage to say 1.52V for a test.

    Set the memory speed to Auto, which will likely run it at 1333, and see if the PC is still unstable. If it still is, the memory could be bad, just not detected in Memtest, sometimes it takes many hours to catch an error.

    With just two DIMM slots in that board, you better be able to use two DIMMs. Obviously you have no other memory you can try.

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    Default Re: Asrock H81M-ITX Unstable


    Thanks. I'm pretty sure the XMP profile was correct but I'll double check. I do know the voltage was correct at 1.5V.

    I will make the changes you suggest and reply.

    In the interm I have purchased another set of memory on the official approved list.

    Further steps I did try are upgrade the bios, remove mobo from case and run it on a static pad, separate input/output device without any differences.

    I'll try the manual mode and voltage bump and let you know.


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    Default Re: Asrock H81M-ITX Unstable

    Well I have yet to try the manual mode of the G-Skill memory but I did just install the new Kingston KHX1600C9D3B1K2/8GX and stable no issues.

    I'll swap in the other memory when I get sometime but looks like that memory is not compatible.


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