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Thread: 2400 vs 1866

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    Default 2400 vs 1866

    Well I finally upgraded my CPU cooler to Noctua NH-U14S from Coolermaster Hyper212 Evo in push-pull. I could have just squeezed it in my Lancool K57 case.But could not have used my top mount exhaust fans (I modded vent holes and Fan mounts). I was looking to lower cpu and board temps. So I went with Arc Midi R2 case. Switched to FX8350 and AsRock 990FX Killer for clearance of U14S cooler fans in push-pull setup on Northbridge. I was hoping to get all 4 sticks of ram at 2133 or 2400.Using my same ram GSkill F-3 2133C9Q 16GAB 9-11-10-28. Won't run all 4 sticks at 2133 or 2400, only 2 sticks just fine, using slots A2/B2. I OC'd 2 sticks to [email protected]) and passes memtest86+. I ended up going back to using all 4 sticks at 1866 @ 8-10-9-26 for now. Is there any real difference in speed of 2 sticks vs 4? Is there any programs to test actual difference in ram setup? I think the limitation is due to AMD cpu properties. Same situation with AsRock 990FX Extreme 4 & FX8120 cpu I replaced. Runs 2 sticks at 2133 / ran all 4 sticks at [email protected] 8-10-9-26. Gaming and internet browsing is main use of this computer. Thanks for any feedback.

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    Default Re: 2400 vs 1866

    You can try pushing a smidge more into the CPU/NB Voltage to get those 4 sticks MHz up above 1866. That also happens to be what/where the memory controller is fed. Just watch your temps while doing so.

    4 sticks at 1866 on an assumed stock ram volts and CPU/NB volts isn't bad. And w/o some generous tweaking and voltages I'll venture you won't see 2133 on 4 sticks. There certainly are guides out there that will merrily have you pumping volts at 'em and tweaking this that and the other things if you wanted though.
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    Default Re: 2400 vs 1866

    No difference in speed using two DIMMs vs four DIMMs, capacity only is greater, not speed.

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