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Thread: ASRock Z87 Pro4 Ram Issue

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    Default Re: ASRock Z87 Pro4 Ram Issue

    Quote Originally Posted by Armygrognard View Post
    I'll keep you guys in the loop. I never liked those fly-by-night posters who never check back in.

    I re-examined it last night and didn't see any amiss. I did get an email from Asrock asking me to install the 2.0 BIOS, so I'll try that tonight or tomorrow.

    I searched Haswell kits at Newegg, and there were only two, and they were pricey. Like nowhere near $100 for 2x4GB pricey, hence my comments. I'll let you guys fight the rest out. And, as a pack-rat, I may need to go through my old RAM and see what I have. I've never thrown it out, so I may have a mini goldmine.
    DON'T do it that way. Use the memory compatibility list for your board, that list is loooooong. Newegg probably has half of them. The G.SKILL kit you listed is fine, you're done.

    I beat on the Google servers, and it seems the best you'll do for an 8GB kit is ~$75 at Newegg. Welcome to our world.

    Thanks for the reply, so many of my replies go unanswered, or I write a mini-novel and the guy comes back with, "Fixed, my Windows disk was scratched...". Just happened today.

    Or here's one in response to someone else, just today:

    All good Joe. But I couldn't remember doing that in 1994 when I built my last PC. Everything is going to plan. Famous last words? :)
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    Default Re: ASRock Z87 Pro4 Ram Issue

    Been exchanging emails with Asrock tech support. He determined, by virtue of neither stick working Channel A, that the motherboard was defective. So I'll exchange the board, and return the RAM for some F3-12800CL9D-8GBSR2 by GSkill, just to be safe. I have the 2.0 BIOS standing by on a stick, just in case.

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