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Thread: Asrock x79 Extreme6/GB Problems

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    Default Asrock x79 Extreme6/GB Problems

    I built my computer around a year ago and have had issues with it randomly freezing. Nothing will respond, the mouse and keyboard don't work, the screen stays on, the fans still run, and the headphones will make an annoying continuous tone. This can happen anywhere from 5 minutes after turning the computer on to a week after turning it on. It doesn't seem to matter what I'm doing on the computer at the time, whether I'm playing Pandora or rendering something in Maya, it can freeze at any time.

    Does this sound like an issue that updating the bios will solve, because I've tried a couple other remedies and they haven't helped.

    Any advice greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Asrock x79 Extreme6/GB Problems

    First, don't update your BIOS/UEFI yet. That can also cause problems if not done correctly.

    Actually more important, we need details about that PC. Such as, the OS you use, your current BIOS/UEFI version, the CPU you use, and other major hardware, such as the HDD or SSD you use of the OS, video source, etc.

    Did you install the board's drivers and utilities yourself via the board's disk, or individually yourself, or via Windows?

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