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Thread: Asrock 990fx killer - mouse in bios and boot up

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    Default Re: Asrock 990fx killer - mouse in bios and boot up

    Sorry there for that long winded post above. BTW, have you powered the MB's SLI/XFIRE Power Connector (SLI/XFIRE_PWR1) with a 4pin molex?

    And no, the stock HS/F the FX series comes with, well, don't offer much at all in the way of being OC friendly.

    Ok, 10sec lag when Windows begins to load.

    Have you experimented yet with the many USB related settings in the BIOS and F-Stream?

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    Default Re: Asrock 990fx killer - mouse in bios and boot up

    Thanks for the replies, the thinking behind the PSU was due to CPUID HW monitor showing the wattage to my CPU fluctuating even at idle (sometimes down to 28 ish Watts then back to 42, think this must be a division and monitoring only a portion of the cores as that chip should be 125W C+Q is off). I have read that sometimes the Multi rail PSU's can have slight delays/issues on re-distributing power when required compared to single rails constant throughput to devices, plus it is old now. I have tried that Molex connector (In a bad place for my case as I have a support strut in my case just above the bottom sitting PSU, I had to bend the strut and modify a molex extender I had to fit, why couldn't they orientate it like RAM/PCI-e slots). I now believe connecting this makes no difference to anything as benchmarks etc. all came out the same results and did not change the USB situation on start-up. The only thing I can try in the bios is turning off USB 3 legacy support and seeing if that improves anything USB wise.

    Thanks again for your replies to this, really appreciated, Parsec too.

    Edit: Just watched a vid about boot processes, it appears that I maybe of been not paying attention on my old setup. As you get to the Windows starting screen the kernel drivers are loaded and then SMSS loads the drivers for attached devices hence the shut-off as I reach this screen and the re-detection. Embarrassed about this (so again thanks for your answers and time) but since I had so much trouble with that other mouse maybe I was imaging a non-issue. Still might change the PSU though more due to age than anything.

    Bed now as its 2:39 am, (bloody cough keeping me awake)

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