I got this motherboard open box from Newegg. I contacted Asrock about my issue but so far, no response. I am thinking I may need to return it.

So I have about 15 drives in this system. I am in the middle of transitioning to a new boot drive so to keep downtime to a minimum I boot to the drive I want to use by using the boot menu. The old boot drive is just a regular mechanical drive. The new boot drive is an old SSD (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E168...) that connects via PCIe. I have disk pooling software set up on the old boot drive and recently it dropped two of the data disks. I haven't had time to check them yet as it takes quite a while to back up such large drives but my suspicion is that they are fine. This detail may be unrelated but it is at least noteworthy.

When I went to set up the disk pooling software on the new boot drive I noticed not all of the drives are listed in Windows device manager. There are 3 drives missing. I didn't have this issue on the old boot drive but the old boot drive was also part of an older system that was replaced by this motherboard. I used a program that has a "universal restore" feature to strip all the drivers out so I can use the drive in a new system without having to format. Changing cables did not help and swapping spots with a working drive results in the previously non-working drive working and now the previously working drive is now non-working. So either there is something wrong with the ports/controllers or there is a UEFI setting I am overlooking. Also for some strange reason I cannot boot back into the old boot drive now as I am getting the "no boot device found" issue all of a sudden. I don't know why as I don't recall making any sort of changes that would affect that but that's not really a problem right now.

I contacted Asrock two days ago about the issue and have yet to receive a response. They have no phone number or chat, just an email that they rarely answer. After that I noticed another issue that may or may not be related. The new boot drive, the PCIe one, seems to be having issues. I will leave the computer on doing something and when I come back it will have restarted and go to the "no boot device found" screen. This is because the boot drive somehow gets dropped and when the system restarts it cannot detect the SSD and attempts to boot the old boot drive. I think in this case it is an issue with the drive though. To get it to boot again I turn it off and on again.

It looks like I may need an RMA but is there a UEFI setting or anything else that might solve my issue?