Hi all, I have an Asrock Z68 Extreme 4 which comes with the infamous Etron USB 3.0 controller.

I recently bought my first USB 3 device (a HDD enclosure) and one of the two problems will occur:

  1. File transfers work in burst: for 5s it may transfer at 70mb/s, then it will suddenly drop down to 0bytes/sec for the next 5s and so on...
  2. My HDD will suddenly disconnect in the middle of the transfer and either show up again in Windows or stop showing up altogether.

I checked all the power settings etc (selective suspend et all) but there seems to be nothing wrong.

Okay, now the weird thing is:

When I plug it to the supplied USB 3 bracket (which connects to the motherboard's header), everything seems to work fine! I am getting consistent file transfer speeds etc.

So now I'm trying to figure out: Why is it that when I plug it to my USB3 bracket it works fine but the on-board USB3 ports can't work properly? It both connects to the same controller...

I am using the Microsoft drivers supplied with Windows 8 because the Etron drivers (even the latest 118 version) seem faulty: I can't seem to get my HDD detected upon reboot.