Hello everyone,

My problem is that my CPU goes higher than the maximum safe temperature
In idle state the CPU is around 30 celsius.
Asrock Xtune lets you slide temperatuursettings between 45 and 65 degrees

I installed Need For Speed Carbon, an old game from 2006

When I'm racing, the temp is normal, the fans don't have to go nuts.

But when I'm in a menu, or Pauze te game,

The CPU goes insane and the temperature exceeds the maximum temp as specified in the CPU specs (max 74 celsius)

If I let it happen, eventually the system will hang, 'cause Asrocks CPU overtemperature protection (BIOS) DON'T work!
It's suppose to shut down the PC or at least to give a warning, but that doesn't happen: the system hangs.

This insane, this mobo, cpu (APU: CPU + integrated GPU Radeon HD 7660D), should not have any trouble at all with such an old game. It's a total mysterie to me, and very very frustrating. Anyone any ideas? Thanks in advance !