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Thread: ASRock A88X series and 970 series and compatibility with Mushkin 1866, 2133 and 2400 RAM kits

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    Default ASRock A88X series and compatibility with Mushkin 1866, 2133 and 2400 RAM kits

    Hi again, everybody,

    OK, as I explained in my inaugural post about ASRock's 970 series of AM3+ mobos, I'm putting my queries out on a forum because ASRock haven't bothered to reply to my three emails via their online Tech Support messaging system.

    This post is about A88X mobo compatibility with Mushkin's DDR3-1866, 2133 and 2400MHz dual channel kits:

    Mushkin Redline 2x4GB 1866 9-10-9-27 -

    Mushkin Redline 2x8GB 1866 9-9-9-27 -

    Mushkin Blackline 2x8GB 2133 11-13-13-31 - and finally

    Mushkin Blackline 2x8GB 2400 11-13-13-31 -

    I've got a few requests for entry level, mid range and ITX, so I'm eyeing the FM2A88M-HD+, FM2A88M Extreme4+ and the M2A88X-ITX+, respectively.

    As you all know, FM2 APUs from the 5400K to the 6790K have memory controllers officially rated up to 1866MHz, and the 6800K and the FM2+ 7700K and 7850K controllers are rated up to 2133MHz.

    With that in mind, I'm hoping someone can help me figure out if:

    1) The
    FM2A88M-HD+ will allow me to pair any of the 5400K to 6790K APU range with either the 2x4Gbor 2x8GB 1866 kits without having the RAM frequency drop?

    2) The
    FM2A88M Extreme4+ will allow me the same option as in 1) above,

    3) The
    M2A88X-ITX+ will allow me the same option as in 1) above, and finally

    The M2A88X-ITX+ will accommodate pairing the 6800K, 7700K and 7850K with both the 2x8GB 2133 and 2400 kits, without any drop in frequency.

    I know all three mobos support AMP and XMP, but Mushkin isn't on the XMP list, and I can't locate the AMP list either, so I'm completely lost.

    I'm hoping someone here is able to help me find the answers I need.

    Thanks in advance, and have a good one,


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    Default Re: ASRock A88X series and 970 series and compatibility with Mushkin 1866, 2133 and 2400 RAM kits

    See my reply in your other thread.

    Basically, with 2 stick you should be fine. Yet with 4 sticks you may be limited Mhz wise. That holds true with most any AMD system/processor. So long as you don't shoot for the moon, 2400 on a 1866 controller, and keep your expectations based in reality you should be ok.

    2 stick at the IMC's rated speed is ok. OC and you're on your own as to the results. 4 sticks and all bets are off.

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