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Thread: ASrock Extreme X58 Debug LED

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    Default ASrock Extreme X58 Debug LED

    Hey guys,

    Long time lurker here, finally making an account :) So I recently acquired this motherboard and set up a secondary workstation in the office.

    Here are the specs:

    ASrock Extreme X58 Mobo - ASRock > X58 Extreme
    i7 920 Processor
    2x3GB OCZ 1033 Memory
    EVGA GTX 690

    The debug led is really confusing me. I am getting 2 numbers once machine is fully booted. Everything "appears" normal, but based on my research, the motherboard should show "AA" once its booted which tells you that everything is normal. In my case, I am getting either "30" or "99". The 99 appears 90% of the time compared to the 30.

    The manual for this motherboard does not have a debug led for this number. Code 30 says its "Initialize System Management Interrupt."

    Anyone have any input on this particular motherboard? It is pretty old obviously but it does make for a nice second PC with the 690 :)

    The BIOS has been flashed to the latest 2.90 version.
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    Default Re: ASrock Extreme X58 Debug LED

    There are several things to know about these "debug codes".

    All of these codes are used to identify the individual processes/operations of a board's overall POST process.

    If a particular POST operation fails, the code for that process remains displayed, and the POST process stops. That code can then be used for debugging purposes.

    If the POST process stops, the PC does not continue to start, or boot the OS. If POST completes successfully, the PC continues to start, and boots the OS. If the OS boots, there were no problems during POST.

    I imagine you've seen the many different POST codes that exist. Most of the codes cannot be easily seen on the display, as they can complete very quickly and flash across the Dr Debug display in a blur. What the last POST code is may vary from board to board, as well as what the all is well code is, if one is even displayed.

    My newer ASRock board shows code 99 as "Super IO Initialization", and code 30 as "Reserved for ASL". Super IO Initialization usually refers to the board's sensor chip that provides temperature and other data to hardware monitoring programs. ASL codes are not well documented.

    Overall, if the PC started and Windows booted fine, the last POST code displayed is superfluous, and who knows if a board will always display a final POST completed code.

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