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Thread: VT-d support on the H87M / H97M pro4 motherboards

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    Default VT-d support on the H87M / H97M pro4 motherboards


    For VT-d to work you need an intel chipset that supports it (yes, the H87/97 support it) AND a compatible CPU (e.g. the K series CPUs don't support VT-d)

    I have a couple questions about VT-d on the H87M and H97M boards:

    I downloaded the manuals for the H87M and H97M motherboards. On page 73 of the H87M manual the screenshot shows that VT-d compatibility is supported. On page 82 of the H97M manual the screenshot shows VT-d unsupported. My guess is the guy taking the screenshot had an unsupported CPU but the H97M does support VT-d. Can someone confirm this?

    Assuming VT-d works on these motherboards, has anyone encountered any issues with it and VMware or Virtualbox?

    (Also, I'm hoping to run my VMs on a base install of linux not windows.)

    [EDIT: after posting this question I found this, "VT-d Compatible ASRock Motherboards . . . all boards based on Z87, H87, Q87 and B85 (information provided by ASRock support)" (

    It would be cool, though, to hear from anyone using VT-d or Linux on this motherboard. -thx! ]

    I just purchased the H87M Pro4 motherboard and installed esxi 5.5.0-1331820. After injecting the intel NIC VIB to the ISO I got it to install and everything appears to be working. In the config menu I can see that passthrough appears to be supported BUT I have not tried passthough yet (my next step is to purchase some PCI cards for passthough but that will take me some time). I'm posting this now because there are some pretty good deals on this motherboard due to the H97 chipset's arrival. However, as far as I can tell, there no difference between the H87M Pro4 and the H97M Pro4 except the price tag.

    (one last note: I had to use build 1331820 because update 1 did not work for me. I believe update 1 has some sata drivers removed from it (error i got was not storage found [but it also included the USB so it might not be missing sata drivers]. Also, I'm not 100% sure about update 1 not working because i did fool with the BIOS after trying to install update 1 but before installing build 1331820. So, perhaps, it was something i did in the BIOS that got it all working. I'd like to hear of other got update 1 working.... )
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