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Thread: New motherboard takes twice to actually boot.?

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    Default New motherboard takes twice to actually boot.?

    Hi there,

    I recently fully upgraded my pc one part at a time finishing with the motherboard and cpu.

    The specs are:

    Motherboard: ASrock 970 Extreme4
    CPU: AMD FX-8150 8 core 3.6Ghz
    GPU: ATI Sapphire 9750 3Gb
    RAM: 8GB Corsair Vengence
    PSU: 750 watt

    Anyway, the pc after power up just leaves the display sitting blank and not detecting the pc is running, however, after turning the power off then back on everything boots correctly with a windows did not shut correctly option showing sometimes. Thats not a major problem but the motherboard shows a 0d error on its physical debug display and still have no idea how to fix this issue after the initial start up to actually get the pc to boot first time. PC works absolutely fine after that though.

    If anyone has any idea as to what to try it would be greatly appreciatted.


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    Default Re: New motherboard takes twice to actually boot.?

    0d is a pretty broad error code. The first thing I think about is power. What other devices are you using? How many hard drives, and are there any other components plugged in (optical drive, PCI cards, etc.)? Maybe one of the components aren't getting powered up or getting initialized quickly enough. Something you could do is unplug all but the basic components and see if your problem disappears.

    What are the results of memtest86+?

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    Default Re: New motherboard takes twice to actually boot.?

    A 0d POST code is listed as the following in the manual of my ASRock Intel processor board:

    New motherboard takes twice to actually boot.?-dr-debug-0d-png

    This is basically what vuldin suggested to you, and so would I.

    I'm wondering if the "... a windows did not shut correctly option showing sometimes..." is referring to the shutdown that you did after the PC booted normally, not when you do the double start to get it to boot.

    What BIOS version are you using? Your 8150 CPU is right at the limit for power consumption and VRM heat that your board can deal with.

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