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Thread: wake on lan doesn't work with H81M-ITX

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    Default wake on lan doesn't work with H81M-ITX

    I just got this board and want to get wake on lan to work. I have enabled wake on PCIE, and boot from onboard lan in the bios. Wake on lan does work when the computer is in sleep mode. Also, wake by keyboard and wake by mouse work from both sleep and completely off. The only thing that doesn't work is wake on lan when the [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]pc[/COLOR][/COLOR] is completely off. I have tried 3 different power supplies which i know are wake on lan compatible because they work on my other pc. Whenever I shutdown this h81m itx [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue ! important]motherboard[/COLOR][/COLOR] the lights on the NIC go out. I know the lights have to stay on the NIC in order for wake on lan to work. Is there some jumper somewhere I need to move?? I cannot find any documentation on this problem.

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    Default Re: wake on lan doesn't work with H81M-ITX

    Quote Originally Posted by wollyman View Post
    Wake on lan does work when the computer is in sleep mode.
    It needs to be in sleep mode, an S state, for WoL to work. Otherwise you'd need to power it up by the power button.

    Completely powered down, no device will recognize an input signal like a WoL packet and be able to respond. There's no power powering it to otherwise enable it to respond.
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    Default Re: wake on lan doesn't work with H81M-ITX

    I agree with wardog, but each Ethernet adapter like your board's Qualcomm® Atheros® AR8171, can have different requirements and options that must be set in order for WOL to work. Your other PC whose WOL works may have a different Ethernet chip, and there are other factors that influence how WOL works, such as...

    What OS are you using? Windows 7 and 8 are different about WOL ability and configuration for WOL to work. Even Intel has issues with their Ethernet chips and drivers getting WOL to work with Windows 8.

    What Atheros driver are you using?

    If the LEDs on the Ethernet jack input are off when the PC is shutdown, WOL won't work. The LEDs may be off because of power option settings of the Atheros network device in its Device Manager Properties/settings.

    In the BIOS in Chipset Configuration, what is the Deep Sleep option set to? You may need it set to S5 for the NIC to remain active after a shutdown.

    Your board's Atheros NIC also has the Qualcomm® Atheros® Security Wake On Internet Technology. I don't know if that feature and software is required for WOL to work, have you checked that?

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