I am looking at a variety of Z68 chipset motherboard, I think the most outstanding feature for the Z68 is both GPU and CPU are overclockable,ssd caching , and virtu support. The three big name manufacture for motherboard are ASUS, MSI and Gigabyte I think. I was looking at Z68 boards (around $200) under these names, It looks like most gigabyte high end motherboard does not support virtu, and MSI only has 2 6G/s SATA, ASUS is out of stock at newegg.

However ASRock Z68 does look really attractive, looks like it has all the functionality that Z68 supports, should I go with this brand or I should wait for ASUS Z68 V-PRO or other brands? (I had a P8P67 Pro motherboard and having issue with not waking up after put computer to sleep, do you guys think the new ASUS Z68 motherboard will have the same issue?)