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Thread: 4th ASRock MB failure?? Cant take it anymore...

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    Default Re: 4th ASRock MB failure?? Cant take it anymore...

    I'd be frustrated if I were facing the same issues, but the likelihood that you have received 3 or 4 bad motherboards in a row is astronomically low. The much more likely issue is something else, and my bet is the power supply. You mentioned you RMA'd multiple components but I don't think you mentioned testing out another PSU.

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    Default Re: 4th ASRock MB failure?? Cant take it anymore...

    I've used both PSUs with these boards. The first two used the Antec 550, the last two the Mod X Stream Pro 700...

    Both PSUs are still working fine...
    MB: ASRock Z75 Pro 3
    CPU: Intel i7 2600k @3.8Ghz
    Mem: 16GB(4GBx4) GSkill Ripjawz DDR3 1600
    Video: Sapphire Radeon 6850HD
    PSU: OCZ Mod X Stream-Pro 700W
    Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
    DVD: ASUS 16x DVD-R/RW
    Audio: M-Audiophile 2496
    HDD: Samsung model HD103SJ
    Seagate 1TB SATA drive(can't see model #)

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    Default Re: 4th ASRock MB failure?? Cant take it anymore...

    I can understand being angry about needing to replace four mother boards, given the work involved in just putting the new board in the PC (some people enjoy that, but not when things are broken.) Not to mention dealing with the RMA process and the down time involved.

    After this many apparent failures of the same board, personally I would try another brand or at least model of board, just to see it that makes a difference.

    IMO, vuldin makes a good point, that four failures of the same board would have me looking at other things in my PC for the cause, simply to be complete.

    I don't recall seeing many or really any consistent complaints about the Z75 Pro 3 board in this forum... just a statistic.

    Just to be clear, each time you had your Z75 Pro 3 board fail, you did an RMA, and then used all the same parts (or the majority of them) from the previous build, with the new board, is that right? Nothing else was damaged when the board failed?

    Did it seem like the failure of each board, or the symptoms and problems you had, were similar at all? I know this is unlikely, but just wondering.

    I don't see your system components as putting a huge strain on a PSU. You don't seem to OC your CPU at all, is that correct?

    Did you use the same OS installation each time you replaced the board? Right after replacing the board, were all the issues you had with the previous one fixed?

    FWIW, a HARDOCP review of the ModXStream Pro 700 rated it as FAIL overall: HARDOCP - Conclusions - OCZ 700W ModXStream Pro Power Supply

    The Newegg reviews of this PSU had quite a few failures of the unit, just flat out failures.

    Sorry to say, an "Antec 550 PSU" could be any one of at least five different models made by Antec, so impossible to identify the model.

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