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Thread: MB G41M-VS3, how to stop cpu-fan at standby?

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    Default MB G41M-VS3, how to stop cpu-fan at standby?

    I have this MB in a Antec case.
    My PSU was Zalman,it worked well, cpu-fan stopped at standby.
    The PSU broke down, changed it to a Coolermaster 450W.
    Now it don't stop the cpu-fan at standby.
    As I remember I didn't make any setting to stop the fan in standby.
    Coolermaster say that this must be a setting in Windows or in bios.
    I can't solve this problem. I have checked Windows and bios.
    Can someone help me?
    I have XP as OS.

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    Default Re: MB G41M-VS3, how to stop cpu-fan at standby?

    We need to know where the CPU fan is connected (mother board, power supply?) before we can begin understanding the problem. If the fan is connected to the mother board, which fan connector are you using?

    The CPU fan is part of what kind of CPU cooler? Stock Intel cooler, or something else?

    It's been a long time since I've used XP. When you say "standby", do you mean a Windows Shutdown, or Windows Sleep/Hibernate, or something else?

    When you changed the PSU, did you do anything else inside the PC? Did you clear the BIOS/CMOS?

    I highly doubt the PSU is the problem, what model of CM PSU is it?

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    Default Re: MB G41M-VS3, how to stop cpu-fan at standby?

    With the old psu it was connected to the psu with ide contact.
    With the new psu I tried that first. Then I changed it to a an adapter between ide and three pole connector for cpu contact on MB (only two wires).

    I have a passive cpu cooler so the fan is in the back of my case.

    I use standby at windows shutdown, not hibernate. As I remember standby means everything is saved on harddisk, hibernate means ram, and takes longer time to start

    No, I just changed psu, nothing more.

    What is CM PSU?

    After the change of psu and when I saw that standby didnt stop the fan, I checked bios. I had 1.50 and updated to 1.60. I saw that 1.60 should solve some shut down problem.

    But it didn't help.

    As I wrote I have checked bios, but I can't understand what I should change to get this to work. I have tried to change some without knowing really what i did.

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    Default Re: MB G41M-VS3, how to stop cpu-fan at standby?

    Can you please post your CPU cooler details? If nothing else a link to the component would work. What connections does the cooler have? If you are able to have it be controlled and powered by the motherboard (as opposed to the PSU) I think that would be best.

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