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Thread: Won't go past the "AsRock" screen + Memory issues?

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    Angry Won't go past the "AsRock" screen + Memory issues?

    Hi. So I've basically replaced my old motherboard and CPU with a new AsRock Z77 Extreme6 and intel i7 3770k. My rest of the specs are as follows

    Corsair RM750 Fully Modular power supply
    16GB (4x4GB) Corsair DDR3 Vengeance
    4GB EVGA GTX 670 FTW + Backplate
    2TB Seagate ST2000DM001

    So the problem is that, I installed those 4 rams into the slots, the error number panel on the motherboard does it's thing and comes back on which keeps the PC from going passed the "Asrock" screen. I've tried and tested all of the sockets and all of the RAM and they all work. Except for when I put all of them in at the same time. At the moment, it's running 4x3 just fine but 4x4 it won't go past the "asrock" screen. It keeps refreshing the memory or something. Here's a video of the problem. It doesn't display any error. - Here's a video of the problem.

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    Default Re: Won't go past the "AsRock" screen + Memory issues?

    The D7 seems to indicate you either don't have a keyboard plugged in, or else it's not being enumerated/recognized by the BIOS. Try a plain ol' PS2 KB.

    3 vs 4 sticks ................ Is that via setting them with XMP settings?

    It won't go past the ASRock screen - BIOS > Boot tab > Full Screen Logo = Disable and what's displayed now? Otherwise I'd suggest clearing the BIOS the LONG way.
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    Default Re: Won't go past the "AsRock" screen + Memory issues?

    First, this is your board's official information and download page: ASRock > Z77 Extreme6

    You should check the memory compatibility list to see if your memory is listed. It does seem to be working at least partially, a good sign. Have you set anything in the BIOS for memory speed and voltage? It's easier to try starting memory with Auto settings in the BIOS, but checking the RAM voltage. You may need to increase it when using all four DIMMs.

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