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Thread: Problems after upgrading CPU

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    Default Problems after upgrading CPU

    Hi all,

    I upgraded my processor from
    Int Celeron G540 2500 1155 BOX

    Int Core i5-3570K 3400 1155 BOX

    Now my screen is turned black and the computer won't start.

    I have this motherboard:
    Asro H61M/U3S3 H61 RGVSM

    Now i think i need to upgrade my BIOS but i can't find any updates for my BIOS on the official Asrock website.
    Or do you guys know anything else that could help me?

    If i put back in my old processor the screen is also turned black.

    Is the new processor even working on this motherboard?

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    Default Re: Problems after upgrading CPU

    Is THIS your motherboard?

    If it is, to properly make use of the i5-3570k, the BIOS to CPU page states 1.70 or newer. You don't say what BIOS rev it was on when you switched.

    ASRock > H61M/U3S3 > BIOS Download Page

    ASRock > H61M/U3S3 > BIOS to CPU Page
    #1 - Please, when seeking help, enter the make and model of ALL parts that your system is comprised of in your Signature, or at least the model #'s in your System Specs, then "Save' it.
    ____If you are overclocking, underclocking, or undervolting any parts, informing us of this and their values would prove beneficial in helping you.

    #2 - Consider your PSU to be the foundation from which all else is built upon. Anything built upon a weak foundation is poorly built.

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    Default Re: Problems after upgrading CPU

    Any time you install a new CPU, you must clear the BIOS/CMOS. If you still have the Celeron CPU in the board, keep it in and clear the BIOS with the jumper on the board and try to boot the PC again.

    You must update the BIOS to version 1.70 to use your i5-3570K, but you must do that with the Celeron CPU in the board. After the update is complete, you can then change to the new CPU. Be very careful performing the BIOS update process and follow the instructions carefully. Instructions are on your board's FAQ page:

    ASRock > H61M/U3S3

    There are also driver and software updates that must be done after changing to the 1.70 BIOS, they are listed on the BIOS download page that wardog provided above.

    You can find more information about this special BIOS update here:

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