I am running Windows 7 64 bit w/ a ASRock H87M. I can get Wake on Magic Packet feature to work but I cannot get the Wake on Pattern feature to work. I have built a NAS and I want it to sleep and then to be woken upon access. Reading Power Management for Network Devices in Windows 7 it appears a NETBIOS query is a valid pattern for waking. From a Windows 8.1 machine I can send a magic packet via the WakeMeOnLan software and the NAS wakes, but when I browse Explorer I can see the machine name in the network but clicking on it the NAS will not start. I contacted ASRock 3 weeks ago but have not heard anything - so any help to resolve this would be very well received.

Qualcomm Atheros AR8171 driver installed from ASRock Website; Driver

Driver / Adapter Settings -
Advanced Tab

ARP Offload - Enabled
ECMA - Disabled
Energy Efficient Ethernet - Disabled
Flow Control - Rx & Tx Enabled
Interupt Moderation - Enabled
IPV4 Checksum offload - Rx & Tx Enabled
Jumbo Frame- Disabled
Large Send Offload (IPV4)- Enabled
Large Send Offload V2 (IPV4)- Enabled
Large Send Offload V2 (IPV6)- Enabled
Max IRQ per Second - 5000
Max Number of RSS Queues - 4
Network Address - Not Present
NS Offload- Enabled
Receive Buffers - 512
Receive Side Scaling- Enabled
Shuwdown Wake Up- Enabled
Speed & Duplex -Auto Negotiation
SWOI- Enabled
TCP Checksum Offload (IPV4)- Rx & Tx Enabled
TCP Checksum Offload (IPV6)- Rx & Tx Enabled
Transmit Buffers - 256
UDP Checksum Offload (IPV4)- Rx & Tx Enabled
UDP Checksum Offload (IPV6)- Rx & Tx Enabled
Wake on Magic Packet- Enabled
Wake on pattern match- Enabled

Power Management Tab

Tick in "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"
Tick in "Allow this device to wake the computer"
Clear in "Only allow magic packet to wake the computer"

BIOS Configuration


Suspend to Ram - Auto
Check Ready Bit - Enabled
ACPI HPET Table- Enabled
PCI Devices Power On- Enabled
USB Keyboard / Remote Power On - Enable

CPU Configuration Page

CPU C States Support - Auto
Enhanced Halt State (C1E)- Auto
CPU C3 State Support- Auto
CPU C6 State Support- Auto
Package C State Support- Auto