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Thread: Z77 OC Formula/W8.1.1 and Skype Desktop v6.16.59.104

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    Default Z77 OC Formula/W8.1.1 and Skype Desktop v6.16.59.104

    I like to use the S3 Sleep function to save a little wear and tear on the system.

    I installed the Skype App and that was a disaster. The system would go to sleep but then go into some sort of re-boot loop when I would try to shut it down!

    I decided the Desktop version would be a more of a conservative approach. Seemed ok at first but... however I quickly realized that if Skype is running and someone tries to connect or does connect for a conversation the system will not go into S3 Sleep until I reboot. Even if I quit Skype! When I make a call or receive a call using Skype after a reboot the problem immediately returns. This is not an issue on my W7 system!

    Am I the only person in the world experiencing this issue - using S3 Sleep - on a W8.1 Update 1 system? Or, is there something going on with this ASR MB/BIOS that is giving Skype a problem? Skype Tech Support wants me to create log files so they can investigate - yeah. I suppose I can give up on S3 Sleep and move on - "something gets in your way go around it." Comments appreciated.

    I tried to shutdown the system and it went into the reboot loop. I turned the power off at the P/S and rebooted, uninstalled Skype Desktop and ran CCleaner to get rid of all traces of Skype and shutdown normally! I guess the good news is the Skype App and the Workstation version have the same issues on this system!
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    Default Re: Z77 OC Formula/W8.1.1 and Skype Desktop v6.16.59.104

    I'd say create the logs Skype Techs need to diagnose this.

    S3 isn't news anymore, having been around for a long long time.

    The only thing I might suggest is to look at what apps you've installed across both OSs there on your system(s) that might be causing this. Any apps specific to USB, like maybe XFast USB?
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