I canít remove the password of a board AsRock A75 Pro4-M. I following the instructions
in the userís guide
CLRCMOS1 allows you to clear the data in CMOS. To clear and reset the
system parameters to default setup, please turn off the computer and unplug
the power cord from the power supply. After waiting for 15 seconds, use a
jumper cap to short pin2 and pin3 on CLRCMOS1 for 5 seconds. However,
please do not clear the CMOS right after you update the BIOS. If you need
to clear the CMOS when you just finish updating the BIOS, you must boot
up the system first, and then shut it down before you do the clear-CMOS action.
Please be noted that the password, date, time, user default profile, 1394
GUID and MAC address will be cleared only if the CMOS battery is removed.
and the date and time has been cleared, but the password is still present.