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Thread: i would like to recover deleted files from my hard drive

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    Arrow i would like to recover deleted files from my hard drive

    i would like to recover deleted files from my hard drive, but when i go to check for them with the deleted files recovery program, there are like almost none to be found. this changes if i check right after ive deleted something, but they disappear if i check again later.
    what can i change on my computer to make sure that xxxxxxxxxx doesn't permanently delete the deleted files from the deleted sectors of my hard drives?
    my old 2012 laptop, which i am able to recover deleted files from, is also in AHCI mode, so I don't think that that has anything to do with this
    thank you very much for your help! i would like very much to be able to recover deleted files. i think i would just have to make sure that the motherboard or windows 8 doesn't totally erase them from the deleted sectors of the hard drives

    i have an ASRock Z97M OC Formula, Intel Pentium G3258 cpu, 8gb Gskill TridentX ram
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    Default Re: i would like to recover deleted files from my hard drive

    First, aren't you doing a simple delete of your files, so they will actually be in the recycle bin?

    Once you delete files from the recycle bin, they you have the problem you are asking about.

    I need to know if your drives are standard HDDs, or SSDs? I assume they are HDDs.

    When you permanently delete a file in Windows, meaning a Shift key and click Delete, or empty the recycle bin, the space that file used on the HDD is put on the free space list of the HDD. So when you just delete the file and go look for it with your recovery program, you can still find it.

    But when you wait, and anything is written to the HDD, the space the deleted file used is on the free/available space list, and it will be over-written by the new file at some point. There is nothing you can do to prevent that from happening.

    Your old laptop must have at least a half filled HDD, that is also fragmented. So the free space created from deleted files is scattered across the HDD, and by chance the files are less likely to be over-written. The HDD on the other PC is probably not to full, and is not fragmented. So the free space from the deleted files is not scattered all over the HDD, and is more likely to be over-written by new files.

    The only way a deleted file is "erased" from a HDD is when something else is written over it. There is no way to tell a mother board or Windows to not write over a deleted file, except to not delete it in the first place.

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    Default Re: i would like to recover deleted files from my hard drive

    the issue is solved now.
    i checked for files with my deleted files recovery program like 2 hours after i posted this thread yesterday and there were a lot, and today they are still there. i just couldn't figure out how to delete the thread or didn't think to mention anything in a reply :[

    the reason i was asking is because hackers modify the deleted files of my hard drives without the use of the internet.

    examples of recovered files:
    this mp3: which i added a pic to to put it on youtube
    this mp3:

    and here is a couple pics of other files that have jpg's in them even though the file type is something else

    i had just put a new computer together last week and i was thinking that it was the z97 motherboard or the 64 bit windows that was preventing files from appearing in and staying in the deleted part of the hdd's but they show up now and they dont disappear :)
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