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Thread: ASRock OCtweak terminology

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    Default ASRock OCtweak terminology


    I moved on to an z97 ex6 from a z77 ocf and am finding myself missing the Nick S. OC profiles.......

    so i take it the vcore is vid.....

    but can anyone tell me how to lower the vccin???

    thanx for any help.....

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    Default Re: ASRock OCtweak terminology

    In OC Tweaker screen, near the bottom is CPU Input Voltage, or VCCin. Settings are Auto, Fixed, and Offset.

    Auto will give you ~1.8V or more depending on your OC.

    Fixed will cause another option to appear, the fixed voltage value, defaults to 1.8 - 1.9V.

    Offset is +/- from 1.8V, depending on the CPU Input LLC. The steps for offset are shown as 0.01V, but actually are 0.016V.

    There's another CPU Input Offset option, never use it. I don't understand its purpose, it's either 0mv (Auto = 0mv) or 0.400mv. If CPU Input is set to Auto, and this Offset is set to 0.400V, I get 1.932V, which is way, way more than needed for anything but insane OCs.

    Nick Shih OC profiles only on the OC Formula boards.
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