Hello, after two decades in the AMD ship i finally decided to try an Intel platform after reading some reviews of the haswell CPUs. The weird issue that I have now is that no matter what type of workload, one or eight threads, my CPU turbo boost don't go past 3.8GHz except for about one minute after a reboot.
In that minute the CPU stays at 3.8-4Ghz before windows 7 does his stuff and the SpeedStep starts working, then I am locked at 800mhz-3.8ghz no matter what I do or how many cores a program uses. I tried changing the power profile to "high performance", but it just locks the CPU at 3.8ghz. Any idea what may causes that? The CPU is running at around 30C idle and only touch the 80C range after a minute of two of torture testing, I even did a fresh windows install and it still happens.

Also, my bios is mostly on auto, i tried messing with the "C states" config, disabling speedstep and/or turbo boost, changing the the "CPU Ratio" from auto to 40-40-39-38 and the issue still happens.