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Thread: Is there any way to set up deep sleep state bios item remotely

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    Default Is there any way to set up deep sleep state bios item remotely

    Hello guys,

    I am new to this forum, so please be patient if I do not push all the information required for this tread.

    My mobo is AsRock H81M DGS rev. 2.0 and I need to set up it to respond to wake-on-lan event by settings the 'Deep Sleep' items of Advanced Configuration in Bios to S5. So - what's the problem - you could say... The fact is that I need to do that remotely.

    Any idea? I think the last chance could be to customize a BIOS upgrade file with this parameter already set but I don't know it is possible due to the need of AsRock technicians to prepare it.

    Thanks in avance to everyone, greetengs
    Paolo Favalli

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    Default Re: Is there any way to set up deep sleep state bios item remotely

    Nope. You'll need to be "local' to enable/set that. Or talk whoever through it remotely, and then have them Save the BIOS change. Or through Smart Connect, but still need to be local.

    Don't hold your breath thinking ASRock would do that. BIOS changes remotely? One off rolled BIOSes?

    Your post is confusing, to say the least. Really? You'd rather the other person flash the BIOS than simply talk them through the BIOS making this change over the phone or email?
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