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Thread: Anyone using Raid cards with ASrock AMD boards?

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    Default Anyone using Raid cards with ASrock AMD boards?

    I have an ASrock 970 Extreme 3 R2.0, running Server 2008 R2 x64 and have been having problems with an LSI Megaraid SATA/SAS S9240-8i raid card. I have two 500 Gig drives in a raid 1 configuration coming off of the MB for my Boot volume. My raid card is handling 4 3TB drives in a Raid 5 configuration just for file storage and also a VMWare datastore. My MB has the latest BIOS update. Forgive me I don't have any BIOS or firmware versions at the moment just that all are updated to the latest.

    In all my 15+ years of building pc's I never had an issue with compatabilities I never even needed to look up what was compatible with what, but it appears that I missed that with choosing this raid card. Since I am building a SAN I would prefer to use a comercial high quality raid card. My current assumptions are that it does not like the UEFI on the motherboard. I know that some Older raid cards are not UEFI capable but this is still a supported card from LSI and supposedly the current firmware is supposed to fix any UEFI compatibility problems.

    Upon bootup the event log states the card enountered a fatal error and needed to reset. I can create my virtual drives and start copying files over but if I am doing bulk file copies then the machine blue screens and reboots, and occasionally starts windows stating that a scan needs to be done to fix corrupted files. I never copy the files to my boot volume only to my share I created off of the LSI raid array. I watch the scan as it runs through these fixes and I see the files and folders I just copied over, So for windows to detect corrupted files on the boot volume is perplexing.

    I have flashed the raid card with the latest firmware but after installing the latest driver from LSI onto the machine It gets error 10 the device cannot start. I realize that his MB is not on the compatibility list for this card but I have to imagine that there are boards and Raid cards out there that do work together fine but just were never tested by LSI. Anyone use any professional raid cards with this MB?

    I have found an older card that works fine an LSI megaraid 84016E but it only recognizes 2Tb of my 3Tb drives. I can have up to 16TB total from this raid card, and you might say that's plenty of room, however I am bothered by the fact that a whole TB from each drive is wasted space. If I had known I would just have purchased 2TB drives. The 9240-8i does recognize all three Terabytes and gave me a whopping 8TB from just four of the drives. I have 6 more bays to fill up giving me close to 22TB when done. That would be great space if I wanted to rip all of my DVD's and stream them from the server.

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    Default Re: Anyone using Raid cards with ASrock AMD boards?

    I flashed my M1015's to IT Mode so I'm no help here. Sorry.

    I will say if you haven't checked LSI's site that you are in fact running the latest FW and drivers to do so(!), especially while employing RAID with this card. Finicky while in RAID/IR Mode.

    And I don't trust my 24TB+ of ISO's to RAID. Instead choosing to keep backups/duplicates of the currently being filled HDD in a sled, with previous HDD backups on a shelf here. With the sled/HDD sitting right next to the archived HDDs when not being used.
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