Hello, I'm new to this forum so any help would be gratefully received, OK a friend has this motherboard not sure what processor is in it, all as I know is it has 2gb of ram in it.

His wife was using it the other day and she said the monitor screen went all black and white lines, so he tried another monitor and he just got "no signal" on the screen, so I told him to tried a new cable, still no different, I said it looks like your onboard graphics are no working, so you would need a graphics card to bypass the onboard, so he borrowed a MSI PCI -E card plugged it in and still nothing, he brought me the computer and I tried a brand new Radeon Sapphire HD 7750, when you power up the board the fan on the card spins once but still no signal, I have swapped out the memory still nothing, I have reseated all the cables, but still nothing.

Any idea's or is the board goosed,