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Thread: ASRock Gpahic card problem - help please

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    Default ASRock Gpahic card problem - help please

    Hi all,

    This is my first post and and I need help to determine if a graphic card should be used with my motherboard.

    I have an ASRock Z77 Pro4-m motherboard and the graphic cards that I have been looking at are the Nvidia GTX 660 or 760, however, the gaming cards of both are quite long i.e. over 20cm long.

    Looking at where the cards would sit in the PCIE slot of my mother board (Slot 1) a card over 20cm long will interfere with the ram slots as well as cover the heatsink on the chipset as well as a few capictors close to it.

    My question is - would this be a problem?

    As it looks at the moment, I cannot fit a card greater in length than 17cm, which pretty much rules out all of the decent gaming type cards (I currently have an Nvidia GT64 which is not good enough).

    Any ideas / suggestions greatly accepted.

    Many thanks


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    Default Re: ASRock Gpahic card problem - help please

    I have the Z77 extreme 6 with Gigabyte 660 GTX although I known my board is a lot bigger than the Z77 Pro4-m the bulk of the Graphics card drops below the pcie slot and should not interfere with the ram slots, and mine goes over the Z77 chip without a problem, only thing I can see is that the front audio header will be under the graphics card, I can't be 100% it will fit the length of the Gigabyte GTX 660 is 25cm, great card too, I don't know what others think on here?
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    Default Re: ASRock Gpahic card problem - help please

    Looking at the Z77 Pro4-M board, a video card in the first x16 slot will not interfere with the memory slots. That would be a major design mistake, but is not the case with that board.

    A regular ATX board will have the chipset heat sink and other components covered somewhat by a video card, that is normal and not a problem. That configuration has existed for many years and is taken for granted.

    The main limitation when using a Micro ATX board is they tend to be used in small PC cases, and it is the case that can limit the size of the video card, not the board.

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