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Thread: Fatal1ty 990FX Killer blank video but unit boots up.

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    Default Fatal1ty 990FX Killer blank video but unit boots up.

    Got a AMD FX-8350 Black Edition Vishera 8-Core 4.0GHz(125w) and 8GB Gskill 2400 ramm, MSI 6600 OC video card,Corsair 750 system builder PSU.

    Was working fine but now its not I tried waiting 5 minutes leaving it off and turning it back on, I tried cmos reset even I tried taking out the battery, I tried replacing the video card, I tried moving the video card to another slot,tried changing the PSU, tried putting the ramm in different slots. I bought 2 sets of components(mobo,cpu,ramm,video card,PSU) the other one still works fine.

    I can try another CPU but I got zalman heatsinks on im and they are a pain to install.

    I think I just got a bad mobo, you never know until you test them and use them for awhile.

    Oh ya before it went it out it had trouble doing the ramm at 2400, would warn about booting errors. Would that be a sign of a bad CPU or mobo? I didn't bother with trying to OC the CPU, generally I do not bother unless I have significant cooling(water,ect) The ram setting I use on the other PC runs fine.

    It comes on, the num light goes on but no video, I can type del and it beeps like its going into the bios but still no video. I also took the ramm out and it beeped its ram error beep, so its partly working.

    Hope the ASRock Z97M OC Formula MATX I have coming in is not bad, but I doubt it would be bad parts are still relatively rare, even ASUS and the like have the occasional issue.

    Scratch that I have 3 bad HDMI cables ><

    I got it working!
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