MB wont POST with both new bios versions 2.30 or 2.40 when all setting are on auto except for memory which was set to ddr3-2400 and the integrated graphics disabled. MB detected memory timing correctly according to CPU-Z. Windows will run if integrated graphics is on or on auto but that reserves 2 gigs from the 8 gigs of installed ddr3. Is there another setting somewhere else that i need to change? When using 2.10 bios with same settings when integrated graphics is on auto the MB automatically disables the igp and lets the cpu use all 8gigs of memory.

Also what should CPU Voltage and CPU NB/GFX Voltage be at stock settings. Using the AMD Overdrive software to monitor and voltage it shows my cpu target voltage is set to 1.400v and NB target voltage set at 1.350v. Those settings seem a little high for an apu running at 3.7ghz.