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Thread: 970 Extreme4 motherboard fans won't shut down off

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    Default 970 Extreme4 motherboard fans won't shut down off

    13 month old ASRock 970 Extreme 4 motherboard.

    Switched to new case (thermaltake New Soprano - not a cheap case) to have USB3 support.
    From that point on, ALL motherboard fans won't shut down, stop, turn off when system is shut down.

    Tried all of these solutions:
    - reset CMOS and battery
    - updated bios
    - tried three power supplies, two video cards and two CPU fans.
    - removed motherboard from case and ran with just one drive and PS2 mouse/keyboard, removing all connections to motherboard except for PS2
    - booted into a Live Linux CD to eliminate Windows as the problem.
    - reset bios to defaults
    - all connections are correct, both in location and polarity

    The only way to stop the fans is to flip the switch on the back of the powersupply

    ASRock tech support says "you've tried everything we can think of, we transfer you to customer service"

    Customer service says "too bad, 13 months is one month longer than 12 months - $50 for a replacement"

    I've been building systems for 20 years, and am super-careful when moving motherboards. Obviously though, something went bad when moved.

    Anyone have any ideas? I'd really like to avoid shelling out $50 for a 13 month old MB that only cost $60 to start with.

    Anything I could have missed from that list?

    What, on the motherboard would be so frail that it couldn't survive a simple move to a different case? The ASRock tech seemed pretty fast on the phone to assess the MB was toast. Is this an ongoing problem with certain boards, or all ASRock designs in general?
    I've swapped Asus/MSI/Gigabyte boards plenty of times - no worries.
    First time with an ASRock, and it's damaged? Could it get static shocked when nothing was plugged in to the point of damage? Hard to believe
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    Default Re: 970 Extreme4 motherboard fans won't shut down off

    I have the exact same problem... Did you find a solution yet or is the mobo lost?



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