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Thread: Asrock Fatal1ty Z97 X Killer - black screen

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    Default Asrock Fatal1ty Z97 X Killer - black screen

    hey guys,

    every time i set the Video OpRAM to legay not using the onboard graphics card i got a black Screen. Can't even get into bios, CSM is enabled. I use the newest BIOS Version. My graphics Card MSI R9 270X 2G Support both, UEFI and LEGACY. Do you think my board is broken?

    my System:
    Intel i5 4690K
    ASRock Fatal1ty Z97X Killer
    G.SKill Ares 8GB Kit DDR3 CL10
    MSI R9 270X GAMING 2G
    Samsung MZ-7TE250BW Serie 840 EVO Basic internal SSD
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    Default re: Asrock Fatal1ty Z97 X Killer - black screen

    Iím a new member from ASRock HQ TSD.
    I will take care of this forum from now, and provide some support to users.

    Due to we donít have the same VGA card in our lab, we tested this issue with two similar VGA cards.
    We have tested this issue as below configuration with BIOS default setting(Launch Video OpROM Policy is Legacy only on default setting).

    Model: Z97X Killer
    CPU: I5-4690K
    BIOS: P1.50
    VGA cards: ASUS RADEON R9-290-4GD5 and MSI RADEON R7-260X-2G
    Memory: G-skill DDR3-2400 4G*2

    But we cannot see the black screen symptom, two VGA cards are working successfully.
    We provide few ways for you.
    1. Please load BIOS default setting.
    2. Please check whether the switch on your VGA card is set at Legacy mode.
    3. You can change another output interface(DVI, HDMI, DisPlay) for verify.
    4. Please install VGA card to other slots.
    5. Try to change PCIE Link speed to GEN1 or GEN2 in BIOS for try.
    6. If you have another VGA card, please change it for verify.
    7. If possible, please install your VGA card to other platform for try.
    Thank you.

    Thanks a lot !!
    ASRock TSD - Davis

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    Default re: Asrock Fatal1ty Z97 X Killer - black screen


    I have this situation too on my z97x killer and h97 performance boards
    Only internal graphic on cpu works.
    When i plug my R9 270x amd card, same issue. Blank screen.
    Same problem with HD78x series back up card.

    I find on some forum that amd cards is less compatible with asrock boards.
    But my previous board z77 works normally about 3 years.

    Solution what i find and working on my boards is that you must update firmware on you r9 280x graphic card to new one on tech forum web page
    I use another motherboard msi and i update it there.
    After i run only internal cpu graphic, reset bios do default. and put my graphic card.
    It starts to working on first run
    Some tech guy tell on forum that amd cards has some vbios parameters and this is why the pc doesn't start normally.

    try it. and let us know please.


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