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Thread: One last question... What's with the Asrock naming conventions?

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    Default One last question... What's with the Asrock naming conventions?

    My motherboard box says Asrock 990 Fx Extreme3, but when searching on Google for how-to update bios, and I've noticed as well on this forum, people describing their systems as
    990 Fx Extreme4, and 990 Fx Extreme9, are those typo's or do these motherboards really exist? Shouldn't there only be one 990 Fx motherboard, why the confusion with calling the 990 fx, the extreme3, extreme4, extreme9... I can't help but think that the confusing naming conventions may cause people to download the wrong bios updates, just curious if anyone knows?

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    Default Re: One last question... What's with the Asrock naming conventions?

    It's actually quite simple and logical IMO.

    The chipset (aka North Bridge) used on your Asrock 990FX Extreme3 board, is an AMD 990FX. 990FX is AMD's name for of their 9-series chipsets:

    AMD 9-Series Chipset

    Since ASRock makes multiple boards that use the 990FX chipset, they add various terms and numbers to identify them. "Extreme" is a name they use to identify some of their better boards, and the higher the number (3, 4, 9, etc) the fancier and more expensive they are.

    ASRock's website for the USA shows five boards that use the 990FX chipset. You must use the search option near the top of the page to find them all, I assume some of them are no longer being sold, at least in the USA.

    ASRock, and all mother board manufactures, usually use the board's chipset in their product names to quickly identify its general processor compatibility.

    Another mother board manufacture uses some names that don't follow this method. Can you tell what processor and chipset is used in a board with the name, MAXIMUS VII IMPACT, RAMPAGE V EXTREME, or MAXIMUS VII FORMULA/WATCH DOGS?

    It's true that many of ASRock's boards have very similar names, different by a single number. So you must be careful to download files from the appropriate place, but that is basic PC building IMO. Fortunately, you can't apply a BIOS/UEFI file that does not match a board.

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