I was browsing through the ASRockRack site today and noticed a new product: The MT-C224. At first glance I was a bit confused about how it was different from the E3C224D4I-14S, but after digging a bit, very interesting differences started showing up. Unfortunately, it looks like the product page and the manual do not exactly agree on some rather important points..so, figured I would jump on here and see if I could find out more.

The points I mentioned are, that I've noticed so far:

Manual: 7.8"x6.6"
Product Page: 8.8"x6.7"
Manual: None
Product Page: Marvell SE9172: 2 x SATA3 6.0 Gb/s

On a different note, not a discrepancy, but a general question:

I see the MT-C224 has an 8-pin power connector on the rear panel. How exactly does that work? Can the entire board be run off of that? I am considering this board for a slim installation with shared power, so if that is the purpose of that connector, that would be awesome! Would solve a lot of problems for me.

Love everything that ASRock is doing expanding into the miniITX space!