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Thread: BIOS issue, after 2.6 upgrade (970 Extreme4 motherboard)

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    Default BIOS issue, after 2.6 upgrade (970 Extreme4 motherboard)

    I upgraded the BIOS to version 2.6 (for my 970 Extreme4) to be ready for the FX-8370 processor.Since I upgraded, my video card stops working (I loose the video signal to my monitor).
    It's not the monitor, because I use with my laptop the whole day with it.

    Now it's gotten worse, the signal goes off right after I boot.
    Can the BIOS update be causing this?
    I ordered an new video card to test.

    What do you recommend I start troubleshooting first?

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    Default Re: BIOS issue, after 2.6 upgrade (970 Extreme4 motherboard)

    Are you able to enter the BIOS upon booting and have the screen keep displaying the BIOS pages?
    #1 - Please, when seeking help, enter the make and model of ALL parts that your system is comprised of in your Signature, or at least the model #'s in your System Specs, then "Save' it.
    ____If you are overclocking, underclocking, or undervolting any parts, informing us of this and their values would prove beneficial in helping you.

    #2 - Consider your PSU to be the foundation from which all else is built upon. Anything built upon a weak foundation is poorly built.

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    Default Re: BIOS issue, after 2.6 upgrade (970 Extreme4 motherboard)

    Yes (barely) - because the systems takes shorter and shorter times to disable video.
    I was not overclocking (or anything funny in the BIOS).
    After the problem started, I did change the BIOS to default values.
    But besides just being slower to start up, it had had the same results (turning off video after minutes of having the computer up.)

    I tested the power supply with a tester (Thermaltake), and its OK.
    Was thinking of upgrading anyways, so I ordered a new CPU and video card.
    With my luck it'll be my motherboard or memory (which I wasn't thinking in upgrading).

    My hardware includes the:
    - 970Extreme4 motherboard
    - AMD Phenom II (3.2Ghz)
    - 16 GB of 1600Mhz memory (the BIOS defaults to 1333, so I changed it 1600 manually).
    No other memory settings changed. It's been working fine like that, for 2-3 years.
    The problem started creeping slowly, when updating the BIOS to v2.6 (so I could install a new FX CPU).

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