I installed the new version 1.40 UEFI/BIOS for the ASRock Z97 Extreme 6 board yesterday. Noticed a new option in the Advanced, Chipset Configuration screen, SB DMI Link ASPM Control.

Apparently this option enables/disables (default disabled) some type of power saving option for the Z97 PCH chipset. After letting 1.40 work for a while, which seems fine, I loaded my stock CPU and memory profile, and enabled this feature for a test.

After the save and exit of the UEFI, Windows booted. Very shortly thereafter my monitor went black, no signal from the onboard graphics, which I have been using just fine. All Auto UEFI settings for the onboard GPU voltage options.

I forced a restart of the PC, got into the UEFI, and disabled this feature. Save and exit, boot to Windows, no black screen, everything normal.

Anyone else try this option yet?