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Thread: asrock extreme6 cpu ratio

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    Default asrock extreme6 cpu ratio

    Hello Guys

    when i put the cpu ratio to 40 turbo boost on i cant disable this why? i need only the cpu ratio not the turbo boost ....prozessor is i5 3570k

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    Default Re: asrock extreme6 cpu ratio

    You must not be familiar with over clocking newer Intel processors.

    Since Sandy Bridge architecture, Turbo Boost is what allows over clocking beyond the stock Turbo speed. With the CPU Ratio set to 40 on your CPU, which is an OC, Turbo must be enabled for the processor to run at 4GHz. That is why you cannot disable Turbo, it must be enabled to use a CPU Ratio of 40, etc. The BIOS locks up the Turbo option in this case.

    The BIOS programmers could have set the CPU Ratio to stock speed/CPU Ratio (34) when Turbo is disabled, since that is all it can run at without Turbo. But I assume that was considered to be more unfriendly than locking our the Turbo option.

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