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Thread: Which type of RAM?

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    Question Which type of RAM?

    I'm looking at getting an ASRock Z97 Extreme6 and it says it supports up to DDR3 3200. The processor I'm looking at is the Intel Core i7-4790K and it says the memory types are DDR3 1333/1600. So my question is, if I get DDR3 3200 will it work with that processor or should I get DDR3 1600 so it matches my CPU?



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    Default Re: Which type of RAM?

    The Intel spec for memory speed is what memory speed they guarantee will work with the processor's memory controller.

    OTOH, the maximum memory speed may simply be the fastest Intel verified will work with these processors, meaning they did not test memory beyond 1600.

    Intel processors are known to work fine with faster memory than the spec indicates, which is why all the memory faster than 1600 exists. If it didn't work, the memory manufactures would have many unhappy customers, and would be loosing money from all the returned product.

    If you decide to use memory near or at the highest speed the board states it can use, I suggest you choose it from the board's memory support list. Or, check the memory manufacture's compatibility list to be sure they say it will work.

    Also, the faster the memory, the more potential intervention on the part of the user may be required to get it working at the advertised speed. The default memory speed (with Auto memory settings in the BIOS) will always be slower than the maximum speed. That is normal and a safety feature to insure the memory will work the first time it is put into a system. To use the highest speed, the user must use the XMP profile or manually set that speed in the BIOS, and check or set the correct memory voltage.

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