Just installed a second hand 970 Extreme4 M/B. BIOS is P2.60.
Added my AMD Phenom II X4 965 and my matched pair of DDR3 1333 2GB RAM.
Everything works fine except that the 4GB memory is running in Single-Channel Mode.
The memory is in A2 and B2 (white slots) which according to the manual are the preferred slots.
I can't try A1 and B1 (blue slots) as the CPU cooler is in the way of A1.

In the BIOS/OC Tweaker menu, there is a setting under DRAM Timing Control called "Memory Controller Mode" which can be set to "Auto" or "Disabled". If I set this to "Auto" the computer won't boot and I have to re-set the CMOS.

Is there anyway I can get the setup to run in Dual Channel Mode?